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Asha Labreche

Personal Trainer

I love helping people get stronger in their everyday life through functional movement. It's in the title - functional meaning to function well through movement.

I have a passion for training females. When we work together your programming will be focused on syncing up with your menstruation cycle/hormones, supporting your sleep, managing stress, promoting easy recovery and finding nutrition strategies that work for you. How would you like to feel good during perimenopause and postmenopause? Let's change the dialogue from dread to empowerment - this is the reality when we train together.

My second passion is supporting the older population - our Legends - by teaching fundamental movement patterns. A few examples: Squats to make getting up and down from a chair/couch/toilet easier and push ups to give you the strength to push up from the floor by yourself if you fall. I want our Legends to feel like they can play with their grandkids without worry, that they can live the rest of their lives in their own home, feeling safe and supported.

I have certifications as a human performance specialist, CrossFit, nutrition and group fitness. When I am not training wonderful humans, I am enjoying nature whenever I can with my awesome husband and two cool kids.

Personal Training Rates - Varies from trainer to trainer.

1:1 - Between $70-80/hour

Groups of 2 to 4 - $40-45 each/hour

Team Training/Corporate Training $120-150/hour


Asha Labreche
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