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Gillian Morrison


Other than being the Owner and Manager of GM Fitness - my other titles include; Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Mom of two amazing humans. I have a background in University Soccer, as well as being certified in Agility/Quickness Training, Kettlebells, Pre and Post Natal and Hip, Knee and Ankle rehab.

Since the age of 14 the gym has always been my second home. I love music, lifting weights and feeling strong.

I have owned GM Fitness for 12 years and love it more each year. When you love what you do it doesnt feel like work. It brings me joy to help others. I strongly believe in training for life, making health and fitness a lifestyle instead of a trend and I am very passionate about community and connection. I like to make fitness fun and lift people up. Build your strength , your confidence and discover your full potential.

When I am not at the gym you can find me in the community with my kids, hiking or paddleboarding.

To learn more about GM Fitness, click here.

Personal Training Rates - Varies from trainer to trainer.

1:1 - Between $70-80/hour

Groups of 2 to 4 - $40-45 each/hour

Team Training/Corporate Training $120-150/hour


Gillian Morrison
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