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Lily Riggs

Co-Owner / Personal Trainer

My name is Lily Riggs. I am the part owner of Big Riggs/GM Fitness gym in Gibsons. My qualifications include: Personal Trainer since 2019, competitive powerlifter since 2017 and Kettlebell Certified through Agatsu 2017.

My goal in coaching is to help people realize and reach their true strength. I want to be able to help people not only gain strength in the gym but also learn about their body and what it needs to get to their full potential.

I was a dancer for all of high school but started lifting in grade 12 and haven't looked back. Powerlifting has been my life and I give everything I have to my training. Each and every small PR (personal record) or improvement in my lifts just makes me hungrier for more. I have competed at local, provincial, national and international level competitions in my powerlifting.

My in person sessions focus on strength training and technique and can lead into online coaching.

Personal Training Rates - Varies from trainer to trainer.

1:1 - Between $70-80/hour

Groups of 2 to 4 - $40-45 each/hour

Team Training/Corporate Training $120-150/hour


Lily Riggs
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